Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Albert Einstein on Overpopulation

A quote by Albert Einstein on overpopulation ...

"I am convinced that some political and social activities and practices of the Catholic organizations are detrimental and even dangerous for the community as a whole, here and everywhere. I mention here only the fight against birth control at a time when overpopulation in various countries has become a serious threat to the health of people and a grave obstacle to any attempt to organize peace on this planet." [Albert Einstein -- letter, 1954]"

I think that sums it up nicely.

The main cause of overpopulation can be found by examining the Industrial Revolution.

More information about the causes and repercussions of unstemmed overpopulation may be found in Guido Moosbrugger's book "And Yet ... They Fly". Available in FIGU's online bookstore.